Birding Trails Within The YFBTA Area

An area trail can be listed as a member of the Yorkton Flyway and Birding Trail Association with the submission of a completed of an application form (tba) and ratification by the Board of Directors.

Information regarding each bird trail will be updated with information added  after the site is uploaded. Contact persons for each Birding Trail will be invited to provide additional information, photos which they feel are important. Information is   also required regarding  trails listed and where no information  has been provided.  We would appreciate your assistance in adding information to bird trails already listed - and  for bird trails which are listed but no information is given.

The Yellowhead Flyway Birding Trail Association was incorporated in July of 2003. The Association received its status as a registered charity in January of 2004.

The YFBTA has been working hard to clean up and advertise the different trails around the district. The YFBTA invites you to discover our great trails and fabulous region.


Kaposvar Birding Trail (Esterhazy)
A very scenic and interesting bird trail which has impressed its visitors over the years. After walking the trail be sure to go into the town of Esterhazy and visit the many shopping sites and places on interest.

Slough View / Sawkey Bird and Nature Trail
This trail is located 7 miles East of Saltcoats on Grid Road 725.  After you have toured the trail you may wish to visit the Castleton United Church which is a historic site located on the corner of Slough View Park. Slough View is located on the once famed five corners.

Leflay Birding Trail
The Leflay Trail is a well advertised trail near the Town of Saltcoats.  The trail  begins  at  the east end of the Regional Park (entrance near the SOS service station and No 16 Hwy) and runs along the east end of the lake.  Saltcoats, which was originally the home of the RCMP,  is one of the oldest historic towns in Saskatchewan  and  has a number of interesting sites which you may also wish to see, such as the Saltcoats Museum, Town Bell, Monument / Gunn Park, and the wall mural on the post office.

Carlton Regional Park Trail (Spy Hill)
The Carlton Trail Regional Park Bird and Nature Trail is a beautiful park located 20 km  South of Langenburg on Highway 8, and 5 km North of Spy Hill. It is great place to enjoy nature and  the peace found in the country.

Cherrydale Birding Trail and Golf Course This very scenic bird trail adjoining a Par 3 golf course has an excellent club house where one may have refreshments or  dine. Visitors always enjoy coming back for a great time at this popular spot.

Bradford Farm Tours (Arden and Donna Bradford, Saltcoats)
The Bradford farm is located three kilometers west of Saltcoats. Besides the farm's 25 quarters  of cultivated land, you will find grasslands that have never been ploughed, natural wetlands, Parkland aspen bluffs and seeded tame pastures.  There is a large variety of wildlife to be seen. Crop land is seed to cereal crops. Tours are provided during appropriate seasons. Bookings are required. Tour fees are charged.  Contact Arden & Donna Bradford at (306) 744-8194 or by email (  for more information.

Isabel M. Priestly Birding Trail

Yorkton Ecological Ravine Trail

Melville Regional Park


The following are not members of the YFBTA, but as a local area with birding opportunities, we are happy to list them here.

Wings Over Russell, Manitoba
The Asessippi Parkland region is very fortunate  to have a unique valley and river system that  attracts thousands of different birds. This is an excellent site with great pictures of local bird and a history of birding in Russell, Manitoba.

Barvis Marshes

Maddaford Marshes




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