YFBTA is a not-for-profit charitable organization  which works to promote awareness of the importance of wildlife and spaces for wildlife.  YFBTA promotes conservation, preservation, awareness and tourism.  

In February of 2003 at Saltcoats, Saskatchewan, Ken Kessler, Coordinator of The Provincial Birding Trail spoke to 16 people representing various communities along the Yellowhead Highway (Carleton Trail, Langenburg, Esterhazy, Churchbridge, Saltcoats, Yorkton, Good Spirit Park).  At that time the Provincial Tourism Branch was encouraging Saskatchewan communities who had active birding groups to coalesce in an effort to foster increased tourism in the province.  The people gathered decided that there would be enough interest to warrant a second meeting April 10, 2003.  At this meeting a decision to form a regional Birding Trail Organization was taken.  

At the April 10, 2003 meeting the Langenburg office of the Regional Economic Development Authority threw its support  behind  the concept of a Regional Birding Trail Association.  A committee was formed and charged with formulating plans for such an organization.   June 5, 2003 marked the inception of the Yellowhead Flyway Birding Trail Association.   

Since that time the YFBTA has continued to meet on a monthly basis.  This East Central Saskatchewan organization boasts members from surrounding many centres as well as from Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and the United Kingdom, and continues to grow. 

YFBTA works to promote awareness of the importance of preserving and protecting spaces for wildlife to exist, and to promote tourism to these areas to increase support of the preservation of native species and their natural habitat. 


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